GooGoo inthesky hasdecided thatitisitsrighttospyuponusasifwearejustpublicdomain


theyseemtodrawthelineatthebathroomdoor…butnotreally. theyareeverywhere


Butwhatwillhappenwhentheytireandsellfora padillion andthencorporatezealots

takeoverandthedemisebegins andthebottomline sets in, and itisresold and then

soldagainandthecarpetbaggersgetin and thenallbets are off and thatmyfriend

isofficially Big Bro. laugh it is the endoftheworldasweknowit

10 Responses to “big SPY in the SKY”
  1. itis important to read and to learn theimportance ofrunningwordstogether…
    itisnotaquestionofwhy. itismandatory whynot.
    think of the water going down a drain. a spiral out of control. no it is a design of nature consistent, efficient and the same everywhere. however clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern. now why is that?
    waallla. there is the answer to how they do it….
    think about it!!!!

  2. howloooooo…how how howooooooooo

  3. OIL OIL OIL Get your red hot OIL. I am a snake oil salesman. thats right and at 5 georges
    your ass is grass padre. Sell your car and learn to walk. Stop going nowhere and thinking every saturday is go somewhere. pooooor women gonna have to learn to sit on the couch with papa. come on you ostrich pull your head out of your ass and get it on. take your gas card and melt it over coal and tell the oil companies they can’t sell their oil in america anymore. Thats right cut them off. OPEC SUCKS!!!

  4. master admin> who’s watching who. gooogooohas satellites, ciafbikgb militarieseverywhere and whoknowswhatbillionaireexcentrics. dotheywatcheachother. dotheyshare. wheredotheystorewhattheyfindandwhogetstoanalizeitalland applythehumanfactor
    humanfactor you say. whogetsto sayyehorneh. humanswatchinghumans. want to seea backyardtodaycallgoogle. want to see anarabbarbecuingintraining seethecia.
    eventuallythewholeworldisoncameraandfromallanglesandtrackedviacellphones and embeddedmagneticstrips on plastic.
    doesitmatter toanyone oristhisjustabigspiraloutofcontrol

  5. brokenhorse says:

    Watching is the aim
    The Proclaimed Right of Self-imposed
    Emperors of the Statosphere
    But how can it end…
    Only when there is nothing left to watch!

  6. Alycia Sedwick says:

    We invested a while thinking about the google spy machine and so started doing a bit of research in to their operation. There’s so much information out there, but how do we make sure it’s not going to be used against us?

  7. It’s much easier to understand when you put it that way!
    Why does google think that it is okay to have a spy in the sky to sweep down into my yard and watch me number one then make it available to any body in the world including communists, predators, bad people and pervs.

  8. number 1, number 2, oral, anal and they go places you don’t even want to know about

  9. I really have no idea what to believe in!

  10. believe in a higher power and pray for belief in yourself

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