outside the endzone

The reaction to Hank Williams Jr. comment is out of line.

What happened to free speech? Apparently ESPN brass

do not support the right of individuals to make comment

in regards to things they don’t believe. To put the Hank thing

in perspective, he is a musician being interviewed by

talk hosts trying to make a show from nothing and they asked him for his

opinions.  He gave his freely and not in the context it was portrayed later,

and then was criticized for making a comment related to the Nazi’s. Obama as

any President faces all kinds of views that oppose his. Weather it is right to

compare hime to a Nazi, is not the point. The right to free speech and one’s

right to say it is what is important and what must be respected. Some things

said are ugly and in fact do injure, but to take a comment from a redneck

musician as some kind of threat to the Presidency is just plain ludicrous.
To remove his song from Monday football  is the lamest thing we have

witnessed in the free world this decade. Think of all the moronic things that have

happened and that is one profound observation. We do not agree with the

comment nor the musician nor ESPN nor the Media’s overblown coverage.

However we always will defend the right of free will and the rights of Americans

to express themselves with free speech. Words that make us cringe or think

deeper then we would otherwise are there in a time and place to do just that.

It is important for us all to toughen up to make our skins tougher and our

insights sharp and to support the right of a man to speak freely no matter the

cost to him personally.

You are not to agree nor even tolerate without scorn if so called for. Freedom of

one’s soul is reached by the exploration of words and thought. It is just as

mportant to stand up to defend the freedom of speech even when done by

someone we don’t agree with. If we do not agree we just move on. Let freedom reign.

Powerful corporations in control of the TV airwaves have no more right of

enforcing censorship in a fashion such as ESPN exhibited then a government has

the power to do the same. To send a message that they will punish those that speak

outside their censorship air wave button by attacks on their personal being is

wrong. Who is ESPN to believe they have this power?

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Tea Party Time

When a body comes to rest between two opposing forces there is

inevitably a collision. A strong force in between the democratic and

republican parties can never accomplish anything productive.

A strong voice that threatens and intimidates will only accomplish

stalemate and on the ole chessboard that is literally “game over”.

All of the people who seems to have embraced the tea party are

dissatisfied voters with the constant worthlessness of the perpetual

political machine that has come to pass. The agenda is more to the

right on the political scale so they have been embraced by the ego maniac

republican candidates. Every candidate seems to believe that they have

magic bullets and venom that can fix it all if only they are elected.

Why do any people with a lick of sense believe this nonsense? Nothing

is fixable by democrats, republicans, the tea party of even the abstract

libertarians. Well meaning and dream politics are how we evolved to this.

To say an overhaul is in order is a major understatement.  The Tea party

is more a risk to democracy then anyone is considering currently.

But as things reach continual stalemate and things progress to an

inevitable crash of the parties, everything will become chaos and

in reality the winds of change will take hold. The future holds new

government based upon new parties, a new political realm that is

based upon truth and by real leaders. It will be spawned by necessity

by the collapse of the world , economy, and lifestyles as we know them.

This is not a doom and gloom prediction or a prophecy of yaqui indians;

but it is -as much as the light of the sun and moon are the same. It matters

not what I have to say, or what you think, what anyone will do, or that

anyone or anything done can change the outcome. Like WWII, no one could

prevent it nor stop it.

The future is the federalantis and high breds libertarian. New politics that

deliver truth , freedom and leave the governing of men to men at the local

level. What is best for a man is what is in his home, his family, his community

and derived from the support of the same.  Lobbying, The Rich, Corruption

derived from the corporate structure are so pervasive to our democracy

that it is impossible for any real accomplishments in a positive sense in

the climate of Washington within this system. It is so massive and so mis-

guided and without censor that it has become the enemy. The enemy of

America is from within and fed by illusions of the comfort life.

Believe what you want and whom you want, but the facts are that you

are powerless and the only realm of freedom for the future is  based

upon the changes necessary to rid government of all that is corrupt

or does not work. By distancing yourself from all the political clamor

and standing up for those that will lead for changes that are distinct,

drastic and permanently ingrained, you will feel the sun of a new dawn

a reinvigorated freedom that makes you happy inside and looking forward

to the new day…

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Property Taxes – Will Increase 3%

Sales Tax: Will Increase 1/2-1%

Utility Tax: Will Increase 1%

Sin Tax: will Increase 3-20%

Phone, TV,  Internet Tax: Will Increase 2%

The main problem with government is that they feel they are justified in

raising these type of taxes as if that is okay and certainly keeping their

promises of not raising income tax. We are being nickel dimed to death

as the saying goes.As Jim Morrison said, “This is the End”.

The Middle Class will disappear within the next 3 years. The Straw that

breaks the camels back is now being implemented. The Middle Class

has carried the tax burden of this country for decades. It will no longer be

able to scrape the money together to make all the ends meet. When is it

too much. Now Now Now. Watch and be sure to record the good ole days.

Want to stop it. We need government that will roll back costs, make no

new ones, reduce government, programs and all the costs that we can

no longer afford.  Take all of your bills and add up the total tax you pay

a month and then you will know that enough is enough.If you feel you can

elect someone that can change this you need to take a reality course.

Join the Federalantis and demand-” all new and no more”

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One Down 99 to go

One Down  364 to go

Frankly everyone in the Congress good or bad. Full of truth or Lies needs

to be put into the realm of existence that all is not the pursuit of law for

America. The truth is that Congress does not work nor does the way of

Doing business. Fire them all and Change the way of doing things.

Move it all from Washington and Start Brand New.

Weiner is the arrogant ego run amuck underlying all

that must work to the same degree to fit in and move within the circle.

Don’t play that way and see what happens.

No one in Congress cares Weiner is a sick fuck.

They want to believe he is just someone who was stupid and got caught.

The best things come when things stop.

Stopping to Start anew is not a bad thing

But rather the Refreshment of the Soul so needed in Congress.

Don’t elect another fool, another lier, another ego.

Send the Message

********START THE REvoluTion********

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I WANNA rule Yaaaaa

Lookie who has decided to run for President already.

Lets see. 2 years in and talk talk talk is all we have and now here’s



Today Obama attacked Wall street for the oil pricing.

Another President afraid to go after oil companies.

Come on do you really think that Wall Wtreet is making the oil prices.

It is time to stop oil and OPEC and it will take a new US government to do it.

The problem is that it is now out of control and there is no one in oil

who can control the monster they created. It will take fixed pricing

new anti-trust laws aimed at foreign conglomerates of oil.

If they want to sell oil to US citizens the Prices will be fixed.


Yes we have to drill for every drop in our control to feed the need.

We need to take control of oil fields in the unstableMiddle East.

We will have alternative energy by the time we will ever use up oil

In fact we will never run out of oil before it will no longer be needed.

If the pricing is not fixed and very soon this country as we know it –

THE MIDDLE CLASS is going down. If you don’t believe this to be true

you live in the fake news world of reality worship and listen to the

dribble they puke every day as news. It’s time to stop electing a

president that is just a perpetual candidate.


This guy just loves to talk…speak… Where’s the role up your

sleeves guy that can get something done and make some people jump

You don’t got it man!!! Where is the next Lincoln.

Get rid of democrats and republicans. Make presidential terms

6 years and stop politicians running for office perpetually.

Get something done.


It’s time to listen to the BOSS…SHUT UP AND WORK!!

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Come on, please. If this is what America has come to… IT IS TIME. This is what a political party

will say this country needs! This in itself is reason to Start the Revolution.

If You are a person that really will vote for either one of these choices,

then you are not only an idiot but you are not worthy of living in this country under any circumstances.

This is not a joke and this is not about politically correct. These are 2  HO’s by all definition

and neither contain a shred of presidential stuff. …Come ON!!!!


Do you really even want to watch this train wreck- let alone live it.

Put it point blank. either one of these ho’s gets elected and this group is out of this country.

It is over…end of story the morons will rule this country to oblivion.

What they don’t give away they will fuck away. This is about as much proof

you need that it is time to change government, not by voting but by means

of description of the Declaration of Independence. WE ARE OBLIGATED.




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somethin gonna blow


in 1976 president jimmy carter stood up to opec and big oil.

back then it was about the world  running out of oil.

no president since has made any attempt to take on oil in any form

in any nation including this one.  it is time to put on a new face as a nation

on how we use oil, whom we buy from and our policies about taking over oil wells

and countries controlling them as a means of both stabilizing prices and the peace.

ignoring the inevitable only prolongs the pains and insures the most injury to the masses.

Our nation is at risk of economic collapse as a result of not taking control.

if we are a nation dependent upon oil we better act like it.

enough camel trading…it has done nothing for the betterment of mankind.

if you consider this radical perhaps you need to really take a look at what

you offer as part of a solution.  do you really believe that others can or are

going to fix this for you…

“if you have to be a sheep follow the winners”… admin

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Doorway to the Void

Where to begin…

every direction leads to a door

a doorway to the place to start but never a place to stop.

Afterall who can float in a doorway.

The Door to the Void is not your mama’s Door.

What is Amazin is that Once you enter

you must either go left or right

so the question becomes not whether to enter

but which way to go…

this is what it is like in the void…

what you think is not really what you think…

it has always been about…what you feeeeeeeel!!!!


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As Pure as the Driven Snow

Once upon a time the snow fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell…. boy it lasted all day all night all next day all next night all next next day and allnext next night. The tree did not like it much and crashed.

When you want to promote your web blog consider the snow storm.

one for the money and two for the show three to get ready and gocatgo

riddles you say. riddles you think… ahhhhh yes seo is a riddle but that is how it is designed as a means of protection. riddles trump riddles…

ahhhhhhh as pure as the driven snow…..mmmmmmmmmmm

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Unfortunately we cannot survive without them. It is time for a NEW REFRESHing

TAX. Down with income taxes. It is time for a National Sales TAX and more


in the United States \via the internet. NO MORE TAX FORMS to fill out.

mmmmmm. a new refreshing tax…. OHHHHH. Can YOu FEel iT.

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