Huge crowd in Hyde Park,
London. Photograph: by Lucy Husband/PA

A crowd gets really crowded when the world is overpopulated.

How big is your world? Population is known and is counted by boundaries,

but how big is the world you know. Since we all live in our own world and it

is as big as each of us makes it, it is only relevant in the realm of have and

have not. Most likely if you are unemployed your world is very small and

if you play politics on a world stage your world is very large. Some count

the size of their world on the number of friends they have. Other look at

population as the biggest threat to our existence. The population of

the world over the next 50 years will double to 9 billion. Will anyone

find you in your tweet in that size of social networking. Perhaps a nice

little pandemic will help us out, you know the silver lining thing in horific

baaaaad stuff. What does this post mean afterall, but it is just an observation

that it can get very crowded in a crowd.

and so it begins: crowds begin to build in the streets, at first uniting for a

cause and evolving into agression fueled by economic conditions and

the arch enemy of us all…overreaction, It is as sure as night follows day

and you will either be a participant or an observer…

Take a look around your world…feeling like a good crowd today

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The best way to end mortgage foreclosure is not to have them.

When a person/s has a home mortgage it is secured by real property.
A Quadrillion rules/laws regulate the process when non payment occurs.
The owner of that mortgage may be the original lender but in
over 80% of all mortgages the owner of the mortgage is not the original
lender.  Foreclosing allows the owner of the mortgage to make the homeowner
surrender their rights so that the lender can sell the property in a
foreclosure sale for the amount or as close as they can get to the amount
owed on the property.  No one shows up at a foreclosure sale to purchase
the property because the laws do not protect a buyer in this situation
and the homeowner being foreclosed upon has some rights after the sale to
still claim the property. The lender is the one that literally buys the
property at the sale and after a 90 day period are allowed to sell the
property by any means to a new buyer.
In a poor economy and with to many properties on their books the lenders
choose to unload these properties at below market values and without concern
for the effects of sales in the same neighborhood by conventional means and
prices.  A Slew of foreclosures in a neighborhood can devastate the real estate
values and these neighborhoods domino outward with catastrophic effects on
homeowners needing to sell for job relocation, illness, divorce and more.
Lenders could do many things to alleviate the problems. The situation is made
worse because of the amount of Federal and State Laws that handcuff them in
procedural matters.  All of these are useless in protecting the foreclosed upon
homeowner, the bank and certainly the neighbors of the home.
Suppose the foreclosure home did not exist. That a foreclosed home would
never show up as a foreclosure sale or at a foreclosure discounted price.
How would that be possible?
First of all, one must realize that the mortgage loan is a private document between
a homeowner and the home lender. The terms, etc cannot be discussed by the
lender with anyone other then the homeowner. On this basis a bank/lender
cannot discuss the loan until they are in a position to own the property.
Up to this point there is no foreclosure, as since it cannot be discussed
it does not exist.
The lender will get the property back in a private foreclosure proceeding
designed to protect the homeowner’s rights completely through the rescission
process. Until that time, again the property as a foreclosure does not exist.
The lender upon getting the property is now out of the mortgage loan amount,
arrears in payments/interest not made, and some minimal legal costs.
At the rescission time limit they are free to resell the property.
Under existing ways to market these properties the entire process is

contributing to poor sales and low prices in the entire real estate sector

across the country.  Lenders dump the properties below market value

sometimes at drastic reductions. In the downward spiral market existing

they are contributing by these sales to the spiral.

The process needs to stop so that the domino effect will stop and prices
of real estate can neutralize to a normal means of supply and demand
and by normal demographics by location and local economies.

How can the foreclosures never reach the marketplace or be recognized as
foreclosure properties when resold?
The answer is to change the process and that is to make a lender
owned property available to a new buyer not by a sale based upon
appraised values but a sale made upon a contract akin to a contract
for buying a used car. The value of the sale would be based upon the
defaulted mortgage, all the arrears and legal costs so that a lender would
not be out of those revenues. The new buyer would be assuming this
mortgage contract under a 5 year term and upon completion with a
good payment history refinance into a typical mortgage loan or could
resell the property and pay off their contract and keep any profits.
Who would these new buyers be?
The number one home looking group across the country and has the
hardest time qualifying in normal loan markets. Divorced people who
have remarried. Remarried couples, with still screwed up credit from
previous lives and jobs carry this luggage for years and their past
affects their ability to get a new mortgage and buy a home. Most
remarried couples are working, have good incomes, but poor credit scores.
Remarried Couples can save America’s Mortgage Crisis.
By a no qualify means of securing these properties; an endless
supply of homebuyers exists. These people want to move on
with their lives, buy and make a new home for themselves and
families. Under this process the lender would only qualify that
they are working and have the means to make the payments.
The real value of the house would not matter and no appraisal
would be required. In fact under the laws that would regulate
this process, appraisals could not be done. The potential buyer
would make typical due diligence in finding and making sure
the property was to their requirements. They would pay for home
inspections to insure quality or assume the property as-is in cases
of damaged homes for discounts in pricing.
Under this process, the remarried people would be mailed by
marketing firms’ lists of available properties in their area.
A simple and very fast process to purchase the home and move in
would be created.
By this process the lender would not be out of the default amount
of the previous owner.
The new buyer would be assuming that debt. Fannie and Freddie
would buy these contracts from the banks and the banks would
get their money as if they were funding conventionally. The servicing
of the contracts would be handled by a servicing company and future
defaults would be resold in the same manner assuring Fannie and Freddie
of no losses. Under this process, monies are deferred down the road until
the 5 year period allowed for refinancing out or new economies allowing
for sales with profits.
A major winner with this type of sale would be that foreclosed prices would
not exist and neighborhoods would not have those comparables for
conventional sales and refinancing purposes. In most cases the properties
would not be advertised and most neighbors not aware of a change of
ownership until they saw moving outs and moving ins. Because the
process once understood as to why and how it works is known the
future effect on real estate values would be nil.
These mortgage contracts would be protected for privacy as mortgages
are and lenders and servicers would not be able to discuss the contents
and terms with anyone except the owner of the contract.
As guaranteed in the constitution and the reason it even exists in the
constitution is for the importance that a man and a woman are allowed
to reinvent themselves and their pursuit of happiness. By turning the
process into something positive we then contribute to a rebuilding
process, to a positive new home that helps everyone in the process.
The foreclosed upon homeowner gains nothing from this except that
they can move on and perhaps buy back someday with a new partner
and or life.
Misfortune will always exist and unless mortgage lending is going
to progress to eliminate married people from getting loans then divorce
will always be in the equation as the number one contributor to mortgage
default. If a married couple uses two incomes to qualify for a mortgage
loan and then get divorced, it is clear that only one salary cannot support the
home and default is inevitable especially in an upside down mortgage

real estate market.
This isn’t nuclear science after all, it just takes a new way of thinking…
which is mandatory for a new working America.

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In Honorarium Kevin Carter

The Oppressed – The Desperate

Freedom it is said is merely a feeling that one has from not knowing any form

of  bondage. Oppression from bondage of soul and spirit will inevitably lead to

desperation and to ultimately desperate measures. The absence of  hope

removes the fight to survive. It is said all armies must be fed. The need for food a

and water are a must for the army resolve for victory-to march on. Without food

without hope, the best measure seems the comfort…the release of bondage-

the freedom in death…

For those never tasting freedom, the oppressed, the children without knowledge

the reasoning is not possible to make the decision to fight to live. Simply feeding

without knowledge leads to nothing more then just prolonging the inevitable.

It is not just a concept or theory to make drastic changes in the lives of the

oppressed. Oppression is more then a state of mind, it is fed from despotism,

the lack of quality leadership and confined by living conditions that are

short of both food and water. Most of the world lacks clean water,

will never make a phone call, nor will they live to see the age of 40.

The reason freedom is so important and works so well for those that live it…

feel it,  is that it makes hope worth having.

Because hope is realized from dreams to reality the spirit

of life is felt as the ultimate meal. No matter how brief this feeling may

last it is important that every human be given the chance to feel it- even

if it is for only an instance, upon their dying breath.

The reason that the whole world wants to live in America is because this

breath of life is felt in the winds that blow even across the most desolate

and deposed areas of the world. Choosing to make freedom the ultimate

aspiration for living, is to honor those that not only died to achieve it but for

all those that died that never even had a taste of it. To reinvent America- this

government of the United States of America- is not only what is needed for

these people of the United States, but for any chance  of hope to all those

human spirits simply deserving of just being…

the human being…free of spirit and soul.

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What you gonna do when you catch one.

Make him a deal to rat on another,  slap

his hand and let him loose.

Hackin’  is sick and just wrong morally and

is evil driven.

The lowest scum on the planet are hackers.

They seem to think they are cool and that they have something

when they out do each other. In fact the crime should be

punishable by hanging or life in prison. Perhaps, Commute to

15 years in prison if they help catch others.  Without serious

punishment hackers will never fear being caught. They do much

more then cost billions of dollars,

they change the course of progress and ruin lives. They are the

lowest form of spies and anything they seem to think they could

offer society by hacks is actually meaningless and continuous lies.

Demand Justice…give them no quarter…turn them in…

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Spy Fry- Coming to a Google Near You


Most individuals believe that spying is acceptable between governments and some believe that even between corporations to a degree is acceptable. Most individuals draw a line upon spying upon individuals and all would draw a line on being spied upon personally.

All Governments spy- unless so poor as to not officially engage in the process although all governments have leaders and it can be assumed all leaders are disposed to spy upon rivals and enemies.

Is spying really okay?

The biggest spy agencies are the agencies of the Chinese, United States, all major countries of Europe, Israel, Russia and many resorts to covert operations and murder neither under the scrutiny of any government control nor government scrutiny. In other words the real organization is unknown to the public entrusted to them to protect.

What is the biggest Spy agency in the world?


That’s right who would have thunk. They make any spy organization small and ineffective as to what they have become and control. In fact all the government organizations tap Google info, so called analytics and law enforcement agencies and spy organizations can subpoena it in any regard. Because every human being must pass through Google if they use a computer connected via a network, Google in fact keeps a constant log of every aspect of your routine. They know what you like, don’t like, do, don’t do, go, don’t go, see, don’t see, know, don’t know, your job, your net worth, your banking info, your personal records, your medical condition, your indiscretions, your correspondence, email, what you like or don’t like and in effect every second of your day, awake or sleeping. They know whoever you come in contact with better then you care too, or ever could. They know you are being scammed even when you don’t. They are Big Brother in effect magnified 1000 fold as ever imagined in any novel. There is nothing imagined as the scope and power that Google now has, and will grow to realms not imagined. They can provide a complete profile of you in the time it takes a Google Search and beyond your wildest imagination. They know things about you and those in your life that you don’t even know. They know it, they store it, they use it and they control you.

Like nuclear fusion once begun, there is no shutting it off.

Unlike routine traditional spying the analytics provides insight to the psyche and your most intimate thoughts. Imagine a bug that can hear every word you speak and trace every one of your actions to the minute makings of pure thought. A complete profile can be determined yet subject to great interpretations and certainly made prejudicial and incriminating. A culmination of searches over time will give insight to anyone that wants to have it and use it, and most likely to get something from you.

Should you be concerned? No, of course not because you prefer the life of a robot or a clone and do not care about privacy or the ultimate, FREEDOM.

Why have children? They will not be affected by this in the least. The future of the USA is guaranteed and your privacy is protected by the government. After all, what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

You prefer “life under a rock” and you prefer to be the dumbshit that doesn’t think it matters nor will this affect you. And certainly to prefer getting personally rich, legally or illegally would make you condone anything. After all, it is your right.

Spying in every country if found guilty of spying upon that country is punishable by death or at minimum very long prison terms. It is considered a more serious crime then murder in every country and murder or execution is condoned by countries as a necessary evil to combat spying.

Spying privately and certainly upon the internet is considered a minor crime at best.

Yet, to a person your life can be destroyed or lost in the stroke of a key.

Think about that for a second. Your life lost forever, with a stroke of a key.

All spying is wrong and all spying is bad. It may be the difference to victory in a war but in private life it is the difference of dying and staying alive. Once your identity is lost you are gone and inconsequential. You can be used and violated for the rest of your life and beyond into eternity. You may be totally destroyed or your identity may be used without you even being aware. Like a parallel universe a clone version of you will exist in another world perhaps living the life of a crime lord.

The internet on Google is more detrimental to your guarantee of freedom and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by the Constitution then any foreign foe.

I have always believed that once a man knows freedom by living it- even a government disposed by an enemy, communist for example could not take the freedom out of the man. How can any leader no matter how big the army, control a free man against his will.

Impossible by physical nature. No one that is free would follow a leader against their will. In a matter of time all men would come together to overthrow the injustice of the pursuit of freedom.

On the internet the pursuit of freedom actually feeds the enemy of freedom or the rights of those to use your lack of knowledge against you for monetary gain justifiable in essence by lack of penalty for such behavior. There are no internet police, there are no international safeguards and the internet is the biggest cesspool of criminals ever known. Most of those engaged in criminal activity believe it is justified as their right to delve into mark in any fashion desired. Your life is meaningless to those that steal. The basis for internet spying is that it is up to an individual to detect what they do and deny them their right to use you or take info about you.

Google, although today acting to keep your info private cannot provide any guarantee that the information won’t be used against you and your freedom some day.

All Spying must be made illegal by any government, organization, corporation or an individual. Even the spying done to take from you via the internet should be a crime punishable by the most serious laws. Death and Life imprisonment are not too harsh.

The message must be LOUD and CLEAR that one pays the ultimate price to engage in this enemy of freedom and a man’s personal being. Stand up and deny any organization from the gathering and keeping information about you. Take on fake identity if need be to keep your being safe. It is YOU or THEM… This is the first rule of the POWER game; if you don’t believe this and prefer- NOT TO PLAY, then you know that those that do- will win every time. Shutting your eyes and pretending it won’t happen is not a defense and only guarantees you will LOSE.

Protect yourself, at any cost, from being spied upon! Hang those that violate another man’s privacy in public displays and send the message to the world that this behavior is not accepted, never tolerated and those that violate it are scum…not worth another breath of earth’s pure air and thought of as getting what they deserve.

Print this and read it every day until you believe and most importantly ACT. Spread the word and discuss the subject with passion and insist upon your rights to privacy. Know who you are dealing with and turn off your computer and cell phone if you truly desire to protect your real freedom. Don’t count on feeble attempts by law to stop the illegal use of information for privacy and freedom. Freedom ultimately always requires sacrifice of major significance and if not adhered to and administered, only insures the loss of freedom- your freedom and your children’s freedom… forever.

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GooGoo inthesky hasdecided thatitisitsrighttospyuponusasifwearejustpublicdomain


theyseemtodrawthelineatthebathroomdoor…butnotreally. theyareeverywhere


Butwhatwillhappenwhentheytireandsellfora padillion andthencorporatezealots

takeoverandthedemisebegins andthebottomline sets in, and itisresold and then

soldagainandthecarpetbaggersgetin and thenallbets are off and thatmyfriend

isofficially Big Bro. laugh it is the endoftheworldasweknowit

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