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H O N O R   F O R  T H E  D Y I N G  S O L D I E R

POETRY BY:  broken horse



A Generals death call comes lonely still

The multitudes who bravely served him

now a soul near distance shrill

When at last fortitude rests

with the throngs of the honored

The best of the hearts stilled

ceasing rhythms of the battle drum within.

Then ye shall know freedoms call

at last smiling – a victories calm

Fore in the darkness

Gods glorious light will come to thee

The pain of battle fading away, forever

and you will finally know a Generals peace…

broken horse



Rain, Mud

Fatigue, Sorrow

Loneliness, Pain

Rump ba ba ba Bump

Misery, Cold

Darkness, Gloom

Exhaustion sets In

Concerns Vanish

Rump ba ba ba Bump

What was so Important

Matters no More

What seemed so Pressing

No longer in Time

Rump ba ba ba Bump

Hunger, Thirst

And up from the Mire

Covered in Mud a grimy soldier Smiles

Dirt filled Eyes for his mother’s Home

Rump ba ba ba Bump

And in tomorrow’s Battle,

He may feel her last Caress

Then shut his mind Off

And face the dragon’s Breath

Rump ba ba ba Bump

Every pulse shall mark the Time

Senses Alive beating as One

Explosive silence

And he shall be Victorious… Free

Rump ba ba ba Bump

Then Finished in Exultation

Slowly set himself upon the bloody Ground

This battlefield his prize to Hold

An escape from Death, to call his Own

Rump ba ba ba Bump

Ba ba ba Bump

Bump Bump…

broken horse



Tears of the ages

Released at last

Single and timeless

Through pain they have passed

The foundation of faith

In stone they are cast

broken horse




Author: broken horse

About the author:

Broken Horse is a man

Named as he was born

Named from what he is

His rebirth given from the great mystery

The words his calling

His place this earth