big time

In the world of art the senses are prime…keen, awakened, aroused…

Appreciation is kinetic and undeniable. Effects are seen as inspiration,

enlightenment, respect and adulation.

The fractal is math and yet art, art into infinity…

Look at this design, a repeating pattern in black and white.

The full spectrum of grey scale…rich black to brilliant white.

black-the absence of light-color

white-the entire spectrum of light-color

grey-the shades of the brain

scroll over fractal and zoom

clear your mind and stare at the pattern…something will come to you

comment what that is

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bud says



the POWER of the written woRd.

googoomissionistomakedistinction of words of meaning and words of deceit.

most blahblah on the web is just nothing- crap to sell something without content.

the new machine can detect the difference and although traditional Key worD use

provided some muscle,  in the new paradigm in short order the report is made andyour ranking sank.

Think for ahhhhh milisecond. How hard is it really to deliver content on target and to the point.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Why, have they made themselves internet god? They hold the key to the advertising kingdom.

The goldengooose. If you could eliminate all the crap on the Internet,

in short order you can insure advertisers Real, Quality, Unique, power of total control and that equates to Advertising Premiums.

Real hard Cash-ola in the bank and makin’ mama a biGtime singer…

Content is King… Deliver it and see what happens…

Disclaimer: not responsible for success as a contentking



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fractals rule all being

googoo anal just released  this week

it will turn the net upside down then inside out

content is the key and will not be denied.

fluff, canned, bot, spam, crap is dead.

make it, buy it or partner it.

make it rich, real and timely, update, update, update

fractals rule all being

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bud say


Keep It Simple.
Make WordPress Next 2 God
Remember ! The internet Is The New World

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Let it Go!
Edit Slow
Moderate Slower
Never Worry Details

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