In Honorarium Kevin Carter

The Oppressed – The Desperate

Freedom it is said is merely a feeling that one has from not knowing any form

of  bondage. Oppression from bondage of soul and spirit will inevitably lead to

desperation and to ultimately desperate measures. The absence of  hope

removes the fight to survive. It is said all armies must be fed. The need for food a

and water are a must for the army resolve for victory-to march on. Without food

without hope, the best measure seems the comfort…the release of bondage-

the freedom in death…

For those never tasting freedom, the oppressed, the children without knowledge

the reasoning is not possible to make the decision to fight to live. Simply feeding

without knowledge leads to nothing more then just prolonging the inevitable.

It is not just a concept or theory to make drastic changes in the lives of the

oppressed. Oppression is more then a state of mind, it is fed from despotism,

the lack of quality leadership and confined by living conditions that are

short of both food and water. Most of the world lacks clean water,

will never make a phone call, nor will they live to see the age of 40.

The reason freedom is so important and works so well for those that live it…

feel it,  is that it makes hope worth having.

Because hope is realized from dreams to reality the spirit

of life is felt as the ultimate meal. No matter how brief this feeling may

last it is important that every human be given the chance to feel it- even

if it is for only an instance, upon their dying breath.

The reason that the whole world wants to live in America is because this

breath of life is felt in the winds that blow even across the most desolate

and deposed areas of the world. Choosing to make freedom the ultimate

aspiration for living, is to honor those that not only died to achieve it but for

all those that died that never even had a taste of it. To reinvent America- this

government of the United States of America- is not only what is needed for

these people of the United States, but for any chance  of hope to all those

human spirits simply deserving of just being…

the human being…free of spirit and soul.

8 Responses to “oPPressiOn vs desperateness”
  1. Thomas Brojakowski says:

    The truth be told that some photographs are beyond words, deeds or actions. Very profound feelings on oppression vs desperateness.

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  4. Thank you for stating your ideas. Desperation is on the horizon for so many who have no idea what it is, feels like nor how to cope. In the human experience so many in the world just will never know

  5. Dolphin Tale says:

    Such intelligent work and reporting! Oppression is so prevalent throughout the world and even in the workplace for many women throughout the world. Carry on the superb works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think you improve the value of my website 🙂

  6. Alex Cascone says:

    Awesome share it is actually. Oppression certainly breeds desperateness, and so much of the world suffers this. As an American I feel fortunate and obligated to enjoy and promote freedom to those I meet and most of all feel certainly that I must defend and protect this freedom we are blessed to have., My teacher is those that lead by example and with dedication. To this we seem to share a common bond.

  7. Adina Mosco says:

    Well this could in all probability be considered a pretty good article, rather beneficial and based upon truth. It is rather essential particularly for people whp have never seen America to have a different imagination of freedom and what it feels like. Sometimes just a few moments without all the flies crawling on you is a sense of freedom felt and appreciated. For maany there will never be any peace, no feeling of freedom of body and no relief from suffering.

  8. thank you for those words and pretty good one’s at that!

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