I WANNA rule Yaaaaa

Lookie who has decided to run for President already.

Lets see. 2 years in and talk talk talk is all we have and now here’s



Today Obama attacked Wall street for the oil pricing.

Another President afraid to go after oil companies.

Come on do you really think that Wall Wtreet is making the oil prices.

It is time to stop oil and OPEC and it will take a new US government to do it.

The problem is that it is now out of control and there is no one in oil

who can control the monster they created. It will take fixed pricing

new anti-trust laws aimed at foreign conglomerates of oil.

If they want to sell oil to US citizens the Prices will be fixed.


Yes we have to drill for every drop in our control to feed the need.

We need to take control of oil fields in the unstableMiddle East.

We will have alternative energy by the time we will ever use up oil

In fact we will never run out of oil before it will no longer be needed.

If the pricing is not fixed and very soon this country as we know it –

THE MIDDLE CLASS is going down. If you don’t believe this to be true

you live in the fake news world of reality worship and listen to the

dribble they puke every day as news. It’s time to stop electing a

president that is just a perpetual candidate.


This guy just loves to talk…speak… Where’s the role up your

sleeves guy that can get something done and make some people jump

You don’t got it man!!! Where is the next Lincoln.

Get rid of democrats and republicans. Make presidential terms

6 years and stop politicians running for office perpetually.

Get something done.


It’s time to listen to the BOSS…SHUT UP AND WORK!!

10 Responses to “Presidential OIL Dodge”
  1. cheap art says:

    Wow… it’s amazing enough that Rebekah Brooks got herself arrested today (about time too, some might suggest) but now we hear Jude Law is implicating the Sun in phone hacking too! Whoo-hooo! Bring them all down, I say, bury the lot of them! LOL!

  2. things are never what they seem…and the cost will be on everyone in the long run. we must wait for the truth and sometimes it is long in coming…be careful what you wish for…

  3. great post! Wishing for better oil outcomes in the future! 🙂

  4. Janarththanan Sankar says:

    The oil dodge is very much of a concern because it shows that the problem can never be rectified. It will take a colossal invention akin to the power of social media to overcome the oil machine.

  5. replica oil says:

    Because of lower prices and higher quality, the oil industry is going through some rough times. We have to make as much money as we can so that when we run out of oil we will have all the money in the world. That is our goal. We want all the money in the world!!!!!!

  6. i love oil, man…more then money!

  7. And now with the introduction of Clive Goodman’s explosive letter the phone hacking enquiry begins to take on all the hallmarks of a major scandal, one one perhaps sustantial enough to bring down not just News International (as it certainly should) but the Coalition government as well (as it hopefully might). It seems when Cameron said “We’re all in this together”, he really wasn’t kidding, was he? They’re ALL of them crooked! LOL!

  8. In every major newspaper since the beginning, has used a Senior Editor as a filter as the buffer between protection of the newspaper at all costs. His role is to say to the reporter. Get the story, verify with two sources and Keep your contacts private. Do not tell me how you get the story, just make sure it is real and verified. What the Editor does not know cannot hurt the brass or the Newspaper reputation. That is his primary job. In this modern age of cell fone and computer spying being so easy, why is everyone so shocked that they did this. Don’t you believe that all news gathering is using some kinds of ethical issues in how they report. What we find shocking is what is considered news today and the lack of truth in telling the story. Reality TV News, that hides the gruesome body or the real story because it might be shocking to a viewer is not reporting the news. Advertising nothingness in news reporting and what is coming and then delivering NOTHING is really the story we should be shocked at.
    AS stated by us and believed with total sincerity. All SPYING is wrong. Plain and simple and should be punishable by death. Put that in your pipe and smoke it and go tell rupert’s son he is a pussy.

  9. When things get bad, you can’t just give up on the world…

  10. Demarcus Wheeldon says:

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