As Pure as the Driven Snow

Once upon a time the snow fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell and fell…. boy it lasted all day all night all next day all next night all next next day and allnext next night. The tree did not like it much and crashed.

When you want to promote your web blog consider the snow storm.

one for the money and two for the show three to get ready and gocatgo

riddles you say. riddles you think… ahhhhh yes seo is a riddle but that is how it is designed as a means of protection. riddles trump riddles…

ahhhhhhh as pure as the driven snow…..mmmmmmmmmmm

11 Responses to “Pure as the Driven Snow”
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    eventuallyeverything imaginedwillbetrue…

    like the snow that is a shade of white
    so is there shade in the white space on the page.
    like snow with 3d dimension, temperature and taste
    so is the white space on this website.
    trackable and laden with pure essence that gets the nod every time

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  6. Amie Bastos says:

    What can i say, you know what you’re doing, so keep doing it!
    and i am pure as the driven snow

  7. that makes yoo a winner and the purest on this site for sure

  8. Send us $30,000.00 in gold bars and we will fix you right up with one fine screamin blog site that will make your mama cry out loud.

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  10. Simon Jakubek says:

    This post has been somewhat of a revelation to me.
    If snowed in I know where to go who to call and what to do…

  11. now that’s pure as the driven snow

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