Patrick Henry: The Rebel of the Revolution: Learn more here:

“Give me Liberty or Give me Death…” 1775

This man more then Jefferson, Franklin and Adams generated

the Radicalism  that not only propelled the revolution but

gave us our Bill of Rights and implemented safeguards to limit the

powers of  government. It was no accident that men of fortitude

and forsight united in a time and place to create the most unique

government ever and placed within its  charter the right to future men

generations the assurance that they would and could do the same.

Do you believe…Can you imagine!!!

7 Responses to “LIBerty or dEAth”
  1. broken horse says:

    when the sun shines it is wise to do what can be done and when the rain falls it is wiser to do everything that can be done…

  2. broken horse says:

    When do men find the way from within to a calling to go forth and the courage to risk everything they know, have, honor and cherish. What does it mean to be alone, but it is the fact that many men come together and fight not only a common enemy but with each other so that great things will come to pass.

  3. liberty or death?
    hmmmmmmm seems rather obvious, don’t you think big boy?

  4. do you reaally waANT TO KNOW WHAT I THINK…littlegirrrrrl

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