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The reaction to Hank Williams Jr. comment is out of line.

What happened to free speech? Apparently ESPN brass

do not support the right of individuals to make comment

in regards to things they don’t believe. To put the Hank thing

in perspective, he is a musician being interviewed by

talk hosts trying to make a show from nothing and they asked him for his

opinions.  He gave his freely and not in the context it was portrayed later,

and then was criticized for making a comment related to the Nazi’s. Obama as

any President faces all kinds of views that oppose his. Weather it is right to

compare hime to a Nazi, is not the point. The right to free speech and one’s

right to say it is what is important and what must be respected. Some things

said are ugly and in fact do injure, but to take a comment from a redneck

musician as some kind of threat to the Presidency is just plain ludicrous.
To remove his song from Monday football  is the lamest thing we have

witnessed in the free world this decade. Think of all the moronic things that have

happened and that is one profound observation. We do not agree with the

comment nor the musician nor ESPN nor the Media’s overblown coverage.

However we always will defend the right of free will and the rights of Americans

to express themselves with free speech. Words that make us cringe or think

deeper then we would otherwise are there in a time and place to do just that.

It is important for us all to toughen up to make our skins tougher and our

insights sharp and to support the right of a man to speak freely no matter the

cost to him personally.

You are not to agree nor even tolerate without scorn if so called for. Freedom of

one’s soul is reached by the exploration of words and thought. It is just as

mportant to stand up to defend the freedom of speech even when done by

someone we don’t agree with. If we do not agree we just move on. Let freedom reign.

Powerful corporations in control of the TV airwaves have no more right of

enforcing censorship in a fashion such as ESPN exhibited then a government has

the power to do the same. To send a message that they will punish those that speak

outside their censorship air wave button by attacks on their personal being is

wrong. Who is ESPN to believe they have this power?

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  1. Zachery Bartol says:

    Dear Jo Blo. Wow! I didnt realise that. Not something I read in the Advocate. Who thinks that is the new integrity the nation voted for?What I am worried about for the integrity of our government is that the new constituency councils, are to be appointed bodies not, democratic. Tax payers money is to be spent on a undemocratic process, thought up, and consulted on by people closely connected with the government’s political consultants. BFP we need you.

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