Property Taxes – Will Increase 3%

Sales Tax: Will Increase 1/2-1%

Utility Tax: Will Increase 1%

Sin Tax: will Increase 3-20%

Phone, TV,  Internet Tax: Will Increase 2%

The main problem with government is that they feel they are justified in

raising these type of taxes as if that is okay and certainly keeping their

promises of not raising income tax. We are being nickel dimed to death

as the saying goes.As Jim Morrison said, “This is the End”.

The Middle Class will disappear within the next 3 years. The Straw that

breaks the camels back is now being implemented. The Middle Class

has carried the tax burden of this country for decades. It will no longer be

able to scrape the money together to make all the ends meet. When is it

too much. Now Now Now. Watch and be sure to record the good ole days.

Want to stop it. We need government that will roll back costs, make no

new ones, reduce government, programs and all the costs that we can

no longer afford.  Take all of your bills and add up the total tax you pay

a month and then you will know that enough is enough.If you feel you can

elect someone that can change this you need to take a reality course.

Join the Federalantis and demand-” all new and no more”

15 Responses to “New TAXES – EnD of the MiDDle CLASS”
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  2. Omer Lampitt says:

    Keep up the good work, blogger! If they keep taxing us they will kill us all and then we will be finally free

  3. Hey Website Owner! I really like your blog, I found you on Google so I thought I’d share this tip with you. The feds are passing on new taxes in the forms of addons on just about everything made in the usa. All kinds of new taxes stuck in past bills are due to go into effect over the next two years.

  4. Delora Sanderson says:

    I appreciate your words about the upcoming tax increase and it is amzing that with the economy the way it is that these congress rags don’t get it. They all have so much money they just don’t care. For some reason all these fools that the county will stop working without raising taxes. I want taxes to be rolled back to levels that worked when we had a balanced economy and a reduction of laws and expenditures.

  5. Oda Nicholl says:

    Thanks for a great blog post on taxes and our loss of freedoms. Your sense of humor is appreciated. Humor is becoming scarcer but still more necessary to indulge in and we need to read your stuff stud.

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  8. Have you figured it out yet, folks? Comrade obama is a talking head. Hes an empty suit. Hes a faker AND a fraud.Hes doing to leadership, transparency and TALENT what al keep me RICH gore did to global warming. Both are full of it (define it any way you want).Comrade obamas technology is all theory. Its not even close to FACT. If we live long enough, if America stays together long enough (and we DONT get stuck with more loser obamas), we might see some innovations in technology.He makes Wall Street hucksters and telemarketers seem like innocent babies. Let him move to China, so he can impress THEM with his NWO talents.

  9. Can I share this info of yours to others?

  10. Thank you for the learning experience. Taxes are one giant pain and getting more and more painful to the masses

  11. Gavin Ringham says:

    I am linking to this internet page from my tax website. Good tax articles here and lets get some new taxation in place that is easy to understand and fair to all.

  12. grooD of the MiDDle CLASS[…]…

  13. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to mention that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. I’m hoping you write more about over taxation the middle class and where we are headed. I think this federalanti movement is catching on and what we need. do you have anything on the platform intended and if there is going to be an organized movement?

  14. facts on taxes says:

    Fantastic beat ! I would like to apprentice under the new tax system proposed by the Federalantis. I believe a national tax is the answer to get out of debt and is the most fair tax system.

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