Doorway to the Void

Where to begin…

every direction leads to a door

a doorway to the place to start but never a place to stop.

Afterall who can float in a doorway.

The Door to the Void is not your mama’s Door.

What is Amazin is that Once you enter

you must either go left or right

so the question becomes not whether to enter

but which way to go…

this is what it is like in the void…

what you think is not really what you think…

it has always been about…what you feeeeeeeel!!!!


17 Responses to “Door to Void”
  1. a good run in the void daily really helps a baaaad dog out.
    its easy to get lost when you are in deep, but that’s where the real stuff is.
    look to the east and ponder….ponder…ponderpardner

  2. Why is it call the “void”?

    void (void)
    1. Containing no matter; empty.
    2. Not occupied; unfilled.
    3. Completely lacking; devoid: void of understanding. See Synonyms at empty.
    4. Ineffective; useless.
    5. Having no legal force or validity; null: a contract rendered void.
    6. Games Lacking cards of a particular suit in a dealt hand.
    a. An empty space.
    b. A vacuum.
    2. An open space or a break in continuity; a gap.
    3. A feeling or state of emptiness, loneliness, or loss.
    4. Games Absence of cards of a particular suit in a dealt hand: a void in hearts.
    v. void·ed, void·ing, voids
    1. To take out (the contents of something); empty.
    2. To excrete (body wastes).
    3. To leave; vacate.
    4. To make void or of no validity; invalidate: issued a new passport and voided the old one.
    To excrete body wastes.
    [Middle English, from Old French voide, feminine of voit, from Vulgar Latin *vocitus, alteration of Latin vacvus, vocvus, variant of vacuus, from vacre, to be empty; see eu- in Indo-European roots.]

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  4. brokenhorse says:

    Some would stop and ponder…left, right?
    Some would balk…afraid to enter!
    3 would neither go left or right…but scale the wall before them
    The 1 would use the secret trapdoor…

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  6. cheap tods shoes says:

    This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. I often visit the void and find it harder each time to return back to this reality earth….hmmmmm

  7. Hey there! Do you know if they make any keys to help with Searchin the door to the void? I’m trying to get my void to rank for some targeted keysounds but I’m not seeing very good success. If you know of any please share. Thank you!

  8. Sometimes i enjoy reading article on various subjects, like this one, after all knowledge is everything. I am contemplating the doorway and my options of which way to go…there is so much more to it then just in or out!!! eUREKA

  9. toothbrush says:

    toothbrush is into the void and lookin for the door to my brain
    must be in there somewhere. thanks for the invite and i will let you know what i find

  10. servicestore says:

    Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and exposure! Keep me in the key to the doorway
    as I am well on the way and in deep

  11. I am really fan of your blog.

  12. Finlaly! This is just what I was looking for. the door is open and I am going in making a hard left and never lookin bavck

  13. This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. this is very nice one and gives in depth information. thanks for this nice article

  14. Reality exists as pure light, true and indestructible.

  15. Whats up ! Love your doorway. I have found new direction. thanks for sharing it with everyone

  16. call of duty says:

    Thank You for the great posting, I love reading it! I am floating in the doorway and it feeeeeels marvelous baby!!!

  17. I think this is bullshit. As a civilization we need to grow up and realize that no one is perfect, and maybe now that we can see everyones imperfections en-mass, we should start embracing what we are.

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