Huge crowd in Hyde Park,
London. Photograph: by Lucy Husband/PA

A crowd gets really crowded when the world is overpopulated.

How big is your world? Population is known and is counted by boundaries,

but how big is the world you know. Since we all live in our own world and it

is as big as each of us makes it, it is only relevant in the realm of have and

have not. Most likely if you are unemployed your world is very small and

if you play politics on a world stage your world is very large. Some count

the size of their world on the number of friends they have. Other look at

population as the biggest threat to our existence. The population of

the world over the next 50 years will double to 9 billion. Will anyone

find you in your tweet in that size of social networking. Perhaps a nice

little pandemic will help us out, you know the silver lining thing in horific

baaaaad stuff. What does this post mean afterall, but it is just an observation

that it can get very crowded in a crowd.

and so it begins: crowds begin to build in the streets, at first uniting for a

cause and evolving into agression fueled by economic conditions and

the arch enemy of us all…overreaction, It is as sure as night follows day

and you will either be a participant or an observer…

Take a look around your world…feeling like a good crowd today

6 Responses to “THE CROWD”
  1. Sam B. Stanford says:

    Thank you Steve Jobs. Innovator and visionary.
    You will be missed

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  4. Hello, I feel it is getting crowded in the crowd and us black ops don’t like crowds. whooops not suppose to tell anyone. I will probably get fired for this.

  5. Interesting read

  6. You made some good points there. Most people will agree with your blog. I wish I was younger and still the greatest in the world. I would kick some ass.

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