Tea Party Time

When a body comes to rest between two opposing forces there is

inevitably a collision. A strong force in between the democratic and

republican parties can never accomplish anything productive.

A strong voice that threatens and intimidates will only accomplish

stalemate and on the ole chessboard that is literally “game over”.

All of the people who seems to have embraced the tea party are

dissatisfied voters with the constant worthlessness of the perpetual

political machine that has come to pass. The agenda is more to the

right on the political scale so they have been embraced by the ego maniac

republican candidates. Every candidate seems to believe that they have

magic bullets and venom that can fix it all if only they are elected.

Why do any people with a lick of sense believe this nonsense? Nothing

is fixable by democrats, republicans, the tea party of even the abstract

libertarians. Well meaning and dream politics are how we evolved to this.

To say an overhaul is in order is a major understatement.  The Tea party

is more a risk to democracy then anyone is considering currently.

But as things reach continual stalemate and things progress to an

inevitable crash of the parties, everything will become chaos and

in reality the winds of change will take hold. The future holds new

government based upon new parties, a new political realm that is

based upon truth and by real leaders. It will be spawned by necessity

by the collapse of the world , economy, and lifestyles as we know them.

This is not a doom and gloom prediction or a prophecy of yaqui indians;

but it is -as much as the light of the sun and moon are the same. It matters

not what I have to say, or what you think, what anyone will do, or that

anyone or anything done can change the outcome. Like WWII, no one could

prevent it nor stop it.

The future is the federalantis and high breds libertarian. New politics that

deliver truth , freedom and leave the governing of men to men at the local

level. What is best for a man is what is in his home, his family, his community

and derived from the support of the same.  Lobbying, The Rich, Corruption

derived from the corporate structure are so pervasive to our democracy

that it is impossible for any real accomplishments in a positive sense in

the climate of Washington within this system. It is so massive and so mis-

guided and without censor that it has become the enemy. The enemy of

America is from within and fed by illusions of the comfort life.

Believe what you want and whom you want, but the facts are that you

are powerless and the only realm of freedom for the future is  based

upon the changes necessary to rid government of all that is corrupt

or does not work. By distancing yourself from all the political clamor

and standing up for those that will lead for changes that are distinct,

drastic and permanently ingrained, you will feel the sun of a new dawn

a reinvigorated freedom that makes you happy inside and looking forward

to the new day…

5 Responses to “Tea Party Affect”
  1. Greetings! I am a Tea Party supporter in the past. I have come to believe that we are making waves but never catchin the killer waves, if you get my drift. You make some points on target and
    that may get support from some really big fish…

  2. I don’t even understand how I ended up here, but I find this article really great. I have no idea how these tea party people got to have so much influence on the politicians elected by the other parties idiots. I want to support a new american and thanks for giving me insight on how and where. peace

  3. Pierre Caldeira says:

    I just required some information and was searching on Google for it. This is what I wanted! The tea party thinks they are organized and have realistic goals in mind but in reality they do not have any real leadership and they are a mob floundering in a lifeboat. You wrote a post right on target. It is time to step up and find new leadership with new values. I am a believer and would like to contribute if you would like me to. Let me know when and where!

  4. Windy Bonano says:

    Superb! Generally I never read whole articles but the way you wrote this information is simply amazing and this kept my interest in reading and I enjoyed it. Now I want to do more and being in the 99% i have plenty to do

  5. testin the waters. you are right on here and we need a national tax. the time has come

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