Clark Vs Burdyk

Marsha Clark – OJ Simpson Trial * Linda Drane Burdyk- Casey Anthony Trial

Do Jury’s react  adversely to female prosecutors in high profile cases with

powerful defense lawyers, “MALE” in opposition?   After all it is well known

that having a charismatic attorney is  well known to play an effect on jurors.

One could argue that women just don’t cut it in the big time arena of

lawyer vs lawyer. Why is that? Most likely centuries of genetic engineering

on the human psyche.  We are predisposed to think a certain way even

without trying and even with conscious effort to avoid prejudice. It could

be argued that the prosecution in the Anthony trial did have an ex-

perienced Male Prosecutor and that it was he that lost the case.

But Burdyk did play a prominent role as did Clark in the Simpson trial.

It is hard for a female in the power game to portray power with charm.

Certainly these 2 female prosecutors failed to give the image needed to

win the jury over.

Legal Pru dents prefer to believe that this should not equate in our

justice system but if one does study power attorneys and their cases

one can make a case to support these claims. This is not bashing

nor intended to degrade the female prosecutor.  Rather one might

consider this observation fuel for the fire.  What fire you ask?

Some believe that women of a power fixation cannot help but come

across as a bitch when trying to portray with power. Jurors are asked to

keep emotions out of the game and to keep attention on evidence

but they are human and as such conditioned to build belief upon

the human factor.  Maybe we would be better off with professional

jurors that would be predisposed to not show prejudice of nature.

This is not a question of justice but rather the opposite. The power

game is always played with charisma and money. The legal system

makes it evident at times. Perhaps the power female attorney is

out there and most likely working for the defense. The State would

be better served by culling mediocrity from trial attorneys and

probably sticking with charismatic and honorable MEN to battle

the case and deliver the burden of PROOF in the courtroom and muzzle

the fact hounds.

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  1. broken horse says:

    power is charisma and money and time the enemy of both…

  2. broken horse says:

    power is charisma and money and time the enemy of both…

  3. Riley Dizon says:

    Tell us what you think of the verdict

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