christina hendricks

for me  it was sophia loren…for your boy fans …msmadmen

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  1. everywebsiteneedsalittlehollywood becausethewholewideworldknowswhereitis….

    igotthewholeworldinmyhands igottheworldwidewebinmyhands

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  3. i will let the reeeeeehab fly once and the future of prospects my friend must be somewhere else. try the park benches…

  4. christina is my drug of choice imsoaddicted iamadog

  5. on a professional note i blog because i am tired of the same old dog routine

  6. Asparkleinacrackintheice

  7. A different kind of Snow. Charlie has expressed ultimate freedom of speech. Whether or not it is a precursor to a crash and burn is not for anyone to pass pre-judgement. My hats off to him and The Absurdity of Hollywood. I lived it for 30 years and got out alive.
    close calls but this is not a post about me. The press is so out of touch with their guranteed rights under the constitution. They have all gone magazine sensationalism vs. the quality dig for news. Democracy will not function without a responsible press. post your comments on all these news sites web blogs, twitter, facebook, etc that they use to promote their crap and let them know that if they want to be journalists they are obligated to act like it. No fluff no fakes no shit… At least admit what you are not.
    I am always reminded of that great movie line. “You can’t handle the Truth”

  8. i can handle the truth cuz i’m a dog and we love no matter what

  9. hey bud, not many christina fans droppin cudos.

  10. stubble trimmer says:

    Shared this on Facebook. My friends seem to like your site

  11. just a heads up me and the mates will be offering free wax jobs to hot feeeeemales (only) this weekend…ooooohlala

  12. Maynard Livecchi says:

    The thing is that i am not sure what i feel after meeting one of these hot hollywood babes, but i think it is a good for the most part and that is a good way to describe it, so if hats off to this post and how it makes me feel.

  13. Today is National Roller Coaster Day. In case you’re not aware, on this day in 1898, the roller coaster was patented. And a romp with that animal known as all woman is definately a roller coaster ride

  14. That is funny…cudos and I appreciate that.

  15. Louie Netter says:

    Preach it my brother.

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  17. hotshot bald cop says:

    LOL, Are you critical?

  18. Will Pirieda says:

    I totally agree lol!!

  19. Ferdinand Brondyke says:

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